WizziKit Success Story

WizziLab shipped the DASH7 development kit on all inhabited continents and to more than 50 countries including EU, USA, Canada, Brasil, Russia, South Africa, Australia, China, India, Korea, etc. The WizziKit is helping customers and prospects around the world to test our DASH7 technology in various environments under different sub-Ghz ISM regulations and to develop Read more about WizziKit Success Story[…]

Sail the Atlantic with WizziLab

WizziLab equipped a sailing boat crossing the Atlantic with a WISP sensor & communication platform, sending position and sensor data using the DASH7 ALP protocol over Iridium. This is the occasion to introduce the new Map view on the DASH7Board. Contact us to follow live this event.

The WizziKit Now Features a Full LoRaWAN Protocol Stack

The SH2050 multiprotocol firmware includes a full LoRaWAN stack, along with DASH7 and DASH7-LoRa. It is configured as a Class C device and is provisioned with keys for TTN. Sensor data is redirected to the dash7board and is seamlessly integrated in the WizziLab sensor management flow.

Meet WizziLab at ST Technoday in Paris

We will proudly expose our IoT connectivity solutions at ST Technoday in Paris’ Opera Garnier on May 22nd (www.st-technoday.com). We will demonstrate our development framework and a few demos of parallel connectivity to public / local IoT networks and OTA code upgrade using our triple IoT stack.

WizziLab presents the DASH7-LoRa dual-mode stack at M2M / Embedded Systems in Paris

WizziLab’s CTO Yordan Tabakov explains how the WizziLab DASH7-LoRa dual-mode stack can enhance communication and optimize maintenance cost of sensor-actuator IoT fleets using public-private network connectivity.