September 4, 2016

IoT Service



IDEA. You have a great idea about an IoT Connected Device for the consumer or industrial market. You have partial or no knowledge of feasibility and cost. You feel lost among the tons of wireless technologies available for IoT.


STUDY. We help you to shape your idea. We select the best wireless technologies for your application and service model. We architect your system and provide a specification with feature options & costs.


PROTOTYPE. We fashion the prototype allowing to experience the overall service. We make a proof-of-concept of your device out of existing hardware blocks and develop the main software functionalities. We design the algorithms processing the data of your application. We develop a first draft of the mobile app and the web service.


DEMO. We design a full system demo allowing you to probe the market. We design your hardware board(s) based on the feature set you validate. We fully develop the embedded software, the web services and the mobile apps. You may leave to us the care of your form factor or let us interact with a design house of your choice.


PRODUCT. Once you are satisfied with your demo, we run system stress tests and polish your applications and services. We develop the production test protocols & tools. You may let us pilot the mass production or support a production line of your choice.


SUPPORT. We make sure that your product IPs and all technical information are transfered smoothly to your technical teams. We stay tuned to assist you throughout the life of your product and help you enhance your offer.