September 2, 2016


WizziLab is a supplier of full D7A network equipment. We provide as well IoT services for network installation.

The D7A network is composed of sensor nodes, actuators and gateways connected to a web service in the Cloud.


Plug-and-Play Equipment


Dual Modem D7A 1.2 – IP gateway in an industrial form factor with Ethernet/Wifi/BLE/Cellular connectivity. Different power supply and power backup options. The D7A network is managed through a MQTT broker using ALP commands. Datasheet



D7A 1.2 – IP gateway in a tiny 6x6x2 cm form factor connecting over Ethernet/Wifi. The network is managed through a MQTT broker using ALP commands. Datasheet


D7A 1.2 :: D7A-LoRa :: LoRaWAN :: BLE :: NFC communication mother board in standard IP65 casing with mikrobus extension connector. Datasheet


D7A 1.2 :: D7A-LoRa :: LoRaWAN :: UWB :: NFC tracker in standard IP63 casing.

Communication Modules



D7A 1.2 modem IP series directly integrated on the customer board based on STM32L and SX12xx or Spirit transceiver. We provide MCU pre-programmed with our D7A licensed stack and free reference design. D7A-LoRa :: LoRaWAN is supported in compatible hardware (SX127x). We can reshape the design in any requested configuration.


D7A 1.2 :: D7A-LoRa :: LoRaWAN modem based on Murata CMWX1ZZABZ module. Datasheet

The WM205x series are EU/RED and FCC certified. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Development Kits


For prototyping you may be interested in our D7A 1.2 :: D7A-LoRa :: LoRaWAN  development kit. It is composed of GW2150 and SH2050 shields with sensors for Nucleo32 and Arduino Nano boards. For details check our WizziKit page and SH2050 Datasheet